How to Hack Growth: A Comprehensive Guide to Growth Hacking

Many technology companies are now embracing growth hacking roles in their marketing departments. This work is so popular that many companies now hire “growth hackers.”


Growth hacking is the art of creating exponential growth in your company’s bottom line or user base by targeting specific marketing channels to grow a company. The term was coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis and refers to how Silicon Valley tech companies most often get their initial traction.


Growth hacking can be applied to any type of business, from large corporations, nonprofits, and everything in between.


In this post, you’ll learn about How to Hack Growth and famous hacks that have been used by other businesses for success and what are growth hacking techniques. With these tips, you’ll be able to hack your way through the competition as well! so stick till the end and enjoy.



What is the role and responsibilities of growth hackers?


Growth hackers are typically in charge of marketing and using the science of marketing to drive rapid growth in a company. They focus on finding new customers for a company and growing it through targeted channels that have been proven successful through testing.


Some startups also hire their own employees as full-time “growth hackers” who can drive up their revenue with data and analytics.


Growth hackers are different from traditional marketers who tend to be less technical. They have one goal: to grow the company. Hacks are a range of techniques that are meant to increase the viral coefficient.


What is Growth Hacking?



Although it’s not easy to define growth hacking, I believe it means quickly experimenting with various marketing strategies, advertising efforts, web designing decisions, and other tasks to convert leads and create sales.


It is important to remember that growth hacking does not consider cost-benefit analysis, marketing expenses, and any other metrics.


Also the term “growth hacking” has been on the rise and searches are skyrocketing over the past 5 years. As you can see from the chart below


(Source: Google trends)


Also if you might be wondering that how much are they worth? Here are the basic salary insights for you


(Source: Linkedin salary)


An average growth hacker is making around 89k$ per annum in the US and also Google’s Median base salary starts at around 74k$ per annum.


This is a lot of information, so let’s start to simplify it.


Growth hacking is the rapid experimentation of a number of ideas and when you fail you quickly move on to the next idea until you succeed that’s the growth hackers mentality.


It is important to test new processes, accept them or reject them, then move on to the next. The long-term goal is growth.


Why is this important? Because growth is what can make or break small businesses. Many restaurants close within months of opening. They couldn’t grow enough to make a profit.


Growth hacking is like a marketing buzzword, but it’s also a powerful way to increase revenue and has been proven infamous in case studies like Dropbox and Airbnb.


In short: how you use numbers (data) from your existing customer base can affect how many customers you get on board next year or how much more profit your company will make this quarter?


Why Growth Hacking Matters?


The idea that data and analytics can accelerate growth is relatively new, but it’s a powerful practice. Some companies will focus on a keyword like ‘easy as 1-2-3’ and upsell to a membership or premium service.


Most growth hackers wouldn’t recommend this kind of approach. Instead, growth hackers use data analytics to understand how the website works and what people who visit your website look for. Then they build content around that to give visitors what they want.


Growth hacking is how you use numbers (data) from your existing customer base can affect how many customers you get on board next year or how much more profit your company will make this quarter.


That’s growth hacking! When someone refers to “growth hackers” they’re talking about engineers or marketers who are using their skills with technology, creativity, and analytical thinking to find ways that aren’t just traditional advertising campaigns.


So what exactly does it take to grow effectively? You’ll need the right idea for products/services, an understanding of how people might adopt the product/service in today’s world, and some marketing know-how. Growth hacking helps fill these gaps by being a data-driven approach used as part of a broader strategy.


Now that we know what it means, let’s talk about when you should be using your skills for growth hacking:


When the idea is still in its infancy or if there are some kinks in current marketing campaigns, then turning to growth hacks may help streamline things like customer acquisition and retention.


The most successful companies today owe much of their success to these tactics since they were able to grow from nothing into something massive.


How to start growth hacking & How to Hack Growth



You may be wondering that Jay now how can I hack the growth of my blog or if you are a startup founder you might be wondering about how can I Upscale my startup by growth hacking?


Don’t worry you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on an agency or a company In fact you can look up on youtube and get courses from skillshare to learn growth hacking.


Entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars to hire “growth consultants” who help them craft marketing strategies and growth hacks. But, did you know that you can learn how to grow your business just by reading books?


Do you have a product that is out in the market and needs to be marketed? Is your sales team not performing as well as it should or need more customer acquisition?


These are all questions that can be answered with growth hacking. Growth hacks also include how does one become a growth hacker which will cover how to grow from nothing into something massive


How do I use my skills for growth hacking when the idea is still in its infancy or if there are some kinks in current marketing campaigns then turning to these tactics may help streamline things like customer acquisition and retention of customers?


The most successful companies today owe much of their success to these tactics since they were able to grow from nothing into something massive by applying creativity, innovation, and dedication

The top five growth hacking techniques that you can start using instantly!



1. Mind-blowing google analytics tip



You probably know that once hits are processed by Google servers, the data they produce cannot be modified.


So you want your filters tuned and ready to go. You may rely on URL Parameters, but they can’t do the trick alone.


They are incredibly useful bits of information that also happen to take a machete and drill the info into scattered pieces.


They can accidentally add separate pageviews to a single-page site, creating an entry in the table for each one.


Luckily, Google Analytics has a way to avoid this scenario by telling GA to ignore URL parameters. Would you like to know more?


Here’s how you can do it:


In the applicable view, create a new custom Search and Replace the filter, and set the Filter Field to Request URI.


Enter the regular expression \?.* in the search string, and leave the replace string blank. This will remove the? symbol and everything after it from your reports.


That’s it, You’re all set to go! There will be absolutely no impact on your UTMs.


(Note: Make sure you aren’t going to use any of the deleted parameters later or you’ll be in a huge flaming pile of mess)


2.Find the Phone Numbers of almost anyone on LinkedIn!


Finding the email addresses of people is not a big deal. There are just so many tools already in the market that can help you do that. But, ever thought of getting someone’s phone number?


How is that even possible?


Well, that’s very much possible and I use this growth hack all the time.


And today I am going to share it with you!


The tool I use is called Lusha and it helps you in finding accurate phone numbers of your prospects just by a click of a button.


How to Hack Growth lusha platfrm


Here’s the 4-Step Process:


1.Sign up at


2.Add the Lusha extension to your chrome or the browser you use.


3.Visit LinkedIn profiles of people you want phone numbers from!


4.Click on the Lusha chrome extension and voila, accurate phone numbers are served on a platter for you


Pro-Tip: You will also be able to access the email ids of the people along with the phone numbers as well!


Imagine the possibilities of having the power of not only getting emails but also phone numbers of your prospective clients. It’s huge to say the least!


Hope this helps!


Resources: Lusha 



3.Create an Awesome Lead Magnet in 60 minutes


Remember the last time a lead magnet was so irresistible that you literally jumped in joy when it hit your inbox?


Yes? Great!


No? That’s great too!


In the next 5 minutes, you’ll learn


How to create an irresistible lead magnet in just 30 minutes


Creating an awesome lead magnet is critical but it’s SO frickin’ hard.


Definitely, a lot of work.


Creating an interesting lead magnet and providing valuable blog posts for your audience is not easy (more like stressful or depressing).


Pat Flynn, from, figured out a way to create an awesome lead magnet super fast, within 60 minutes.


Awesome, right?


Handing you the cheat sheet to his killer lead magnet method NOW!


He copied a series of his existing content centered around a particular topic (He gathered a bunch of blogs).


He then turned them into an ebook, which only took less than 30 minutes.


Then he made it available to buy for people on, that too in 20-30 minutes.


Woah! The ebook is ready to go!


Do this to apply the same for yourself:


Check out your existing content and gather a bunch of content around the same topic (Whether Social Content, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, or Slides).


Turn it into an ebook and make it available for people to buy it using for free!


A super simple bonus hack to make your lead magnet stand out and be more legitimate:


Get quick sales and reviews: Reviews will turn your ebook into a legitimate product boosted by some solid social proof.


Think for a minute.


What would your audience rather want to get for free in exchange for their email?


A link to a blog or a copy of a bestselling ebook priced at 10$


The content is still the same, just the way it’s presented has changed!


Now it’s much more appealing and irresistible for someone to sign up for.


4.Skyrocket your Sign up process


The other day I was signing up for this newsletter and darn did the company make it hard on me!


This got me thinking…


We always try to growth hack our way and go viral on social media using trends or running giveaways or contests.


But what about the simple opportunity that lies right in front of us?


Ever thought of creating a viral sign-up process?


Think of it this way, if you have a user on your sign-up page, they are most likely to convert into a customer for you.


Here’s what you need to do if you want to create a viral sign up process:


Instead of just asking for basic information like Name and Email address, you can experiment with your signup forms and ask the new users to share the signup form with a couple of friends.


The goal here should be to make it as easy as possible for the new users to share the signup form with someone (just through a single click).


You can do that easily by adding social media integrations and asking for less.


There you go, now your email list has grown!


Using this viral sign-up process can definitely help in building a user base for your company way faster than you expected!


Give me one brand that made you say an immediate “YES” when they asked you to sign up. comment down some of your favorite newsletters that helped you grow


5.Index a page on google 3x faster 


If you’ve written a blog post, you know the pain of trying to rank it on Google. You gotta find an appealing subject, search for the right keywords, craft the content and create a memorable headline and URL…


So here’s me giving you the dream scenario:


Imagine you wrote a genius blog post. It is filled to the brim with valuable, eye-catching content. You’ve nailed the keyword game. Your URL is absolutely on point. Oh and guess what your title couldn’t be more perfect!


Then you hit that publish button and wait for your blog to go so viral that you’re receiving billions of website visits per month and google itself comes to interview you.






What? Nothing happened.


Waiting just a few days, weeks, or even months to buy can save you hundreds of dollars on an item.


Still no impact?


By the time anybody gets to your content through the search engine, it’s not relevant anymore.


All this hard work of finding a powerful headline, creating content, and researching goes straight into the infamous black hole that swallows up all great content and spits it out where no one can find it.


Worry not and don’t hate me just yet because I bring you 3 ways to index your page on google by Google’s John Mueller.


Here’s what you can do to make google index your page way faster than it normally does:


Put a link to your content on a prominent page on your site: How is Google going to know what page to concentrate on if you’re not giving it direction? Place your content on a page that’s already getting hits and pretty soon you will direct the algorithm towards what’s working on your site. In simple language, this means you give the algorithm the direction in which you want your site to grow.


Make sure you add a reference of your new page to your sitemap: Sitemap is, as the name suggests, a blueprint or map of whatever is included in your site. When you add your page to the Sitemap it records it as uniquely yours which will create a pattern for Google to identify and classify content.


Create an RSS Feed to let search engines know you have new content:


RSS feeds help Google and other search engines find your new content. You can use this tool to automatically put the date of publication on your site.


Your content will be indexed a lot quicker and you’ll be able to deliver relevant, valuable content on time!



The Ultimate List of Tools For Growth Hacking



Here’s a list of tools, apps, and resources for growth hacking that will definitely help to grow and scale your business or your startup. Check it out!


(Ps I use them on daily basis)





With attention to insight, you can actually get a full heatmap analysis of your landing pages and check the user behavior pattern it is another alternative to Hotjar and for the free plan, you can run 5 queries per single account, also you can get some interesting case studies for brands and their before-after analysis web page.




What if you could find out where your ideal customers are hanging out the most? SparkToro will help you solve this problem.

SparkToro identifies your customers’ biggest sources of influence, and the hidden gems so that you can reach them where they hang out.





Privacy is truly a myth my friends but today my friends we will be using it with a good heart


Ever since I came across this tool I was just jaw-dropped by the results and to this day I use this tool because of its accuracy of data output.


CrystalKnows helps you get to know other people better and provides some insights on how best to interact with them.


Based on a person’s social profile, Crystal gives you a personality profile and tips on how to best communicate with this person. Is this person more interested in numbers or in emotions?


Let’s say you are a tech entrepreneur and want to pitch bill gates or any other entrepreneur you can run through their LinkedIn profile and let crystal knows do its magic you can exactly know all the high impactful details and what kind of other person is and how to persuade them. how cool does that sound?


Just see the results below and be amazed




Based on the Personality of Bill gates it gave me personality analytics like Bill, a strong C (Analyst), tends to be objective and direct, favoring straightforward facts over ambiguous emotions. It will also suggest That how can you persuade him and how to reach out to them or how can do present the meeting to him in order to get the pitch right


Does this person prefer using formal language in an email, or would they rather use casual words? The tool is helpful for both personal relationships as well as day-to-day work life.


You can run 10 searches in your free account so I’d recommend that make a fake email and create an account as soon as your account credits are down.



Each one of us has suffered once in a while about the topic research and what blog topic to write about? but let me introduce you to this magic tool.


Answer the public uses the Google SERP features algorithms and suggests the topic which is user-oriented so you’ll get the idea what exactly is your target audience searching for in the google search engine.


So you can get data like this for example here I had inserted the keyword Growth hacking and found so much precise data.

growth hacking techniques Answer the public

For the free plan, you can start with 2 searches per day and download the image and also download the CSV file for the data, If you want to go more in-depth then you can go for a pro plan starting 99$ per month where you can compare the data with your competitor.




Microsoft clarity is a free supplement to Hotjar, giving you deep insight into visitor behavior and user experience with heatmaps, human eye vision testing, and session recordings.


You’ll also have access to comprehensive Insights and analytics.


  • Phantombuster 


Phantombuster is a Code-free automation and data extraction tool Built for entrepreneurs and small businesses, this software is designed to allow you to grow your business with a marketing team of one.


You can grab and extract data from big platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For the starters, you get 10 minutes of free execution time and a single phantom slot. And monthly plan starts from 30$ per month





Sometimes, you may know who you want to reach but don’t have their e-mail address. There are many tools that you can use on the internet to find someone’s email address. is the most popular option. However, you may also want to try Snovio

You get 25 free email credits and searches per month in


  • UsabilityHub


The UsabilityHub tool is a great way to get feedback from colleagues about new designs for UX/UI. With 5-second tests, preference surveys, or 5-second tests, you can create simple quizzes to assess the usability of your current or new designs.


Case Study – Airbnb’s Successful Use of Growth Hacks in their Marketing Campaigns.


While you may be familiar with the well-known couch-surfing company, did you know that Airbnb was founded on Craigslist? This is what I mean when I say “chasing attention like Gary Vee”. Airbnb discovered that Craigslist was the most popular place to search for accommodation.


Although the company was already creative during the Obama-McCain election it gained traction when it started posting its listings on Craigslist.


Airbnb increased its listing count from 50,000 to 550,000 by using the Craigslist hack.


It also made its email list of users (which it had gained by sending an email to those who booked a listing) available on Craigslist.


Airbnb’s first real growth hack came when they realized that many people in San Francisco were hosting but not really being hosts – meaning, these people just wanted their name on the Airbnb site and didn’t care about what happened with guests.


So, Airbnb offered them $1000 for free if they would let someone stay at their place and review it positively. The next major growth hack was probably one of the most famous: giving away cereal boxes as prizes for filling out a survey.


With this simple task completed, Airbnb now has more data than ever before! They know things like which gender prefers orange or green


You can read the in-depth case study of Airbnb’s Successful Use of Growth Hacks 



Blogs and community to start your growth hacking journey




By far this is one of the best communities that I’ve been a part of though I Have only joined this year, they save some super minds who are present sharing their life’s work.



Reddit has so many growth hacking subreddits and a great community with in-depth knowledgeable authors who are contributing for years of their experiments.



I can proudly vouch for this man He is the most creative and crazy hacking person I have ever been of part of his community.

Not just Indian but he has really conquered in US and UK as well. his reputation precedes him.

SO hands down he is really the best individual out there from who you can learn growth hacking. Believe me from a personal opinion.


  • Growth Hacker TV


Growth Hacker TV has a great set of videos including interviews with well-known growth hackers. check out their channel below


  • Search Engine Journal’s Epic List of 100 Growth Hacks


I’m Personally following SEJ for the past 2 years and the level of information they contribute is crazy value, and they are also one of the best GH communities you can find out there.

You can find it right here 



Final Thoughts and Tips on Getting Started with Growth hacking.


When you’re first starting, don’t underestimate the power of your friends and family. The most important thing is to find out what channels are available on social media platforms for that specific industry.


You can also use a site like BuzzSumo which will show you how much engagement each article has on any given topic. Always start by making sure everything is optimized with conversion optimization in mind!


Start small and be patient! Make sure to set goals so there’s something reachable at all times; even if it’s not as big as some other companies might have done before them (e.g., Dropbox).



Go Ahead, Get Your Growth started!



It does take time but growth hacking can benefit both startups and established businesses alike since its focus is more about efficiency than costly stuff. Start experimenting and see your way to hack growth!”


And remember the most important thing is that you get started now! Don’t wait until tomorrow or keep putting it off. so good luck on your journey be the best and learn from the best.


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